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Redneck Goddess

book smallA hilarious romp with a quirky Georgia family determined to stick to it’s “old south” ways.

How a good ole girl from Noisy Creek Georgia ended up with a gorgeous Latin from The Republic of Panama is still a mystery to most of my kinfolk. Hell, some days even I can’t sort through the twists and turns, bad choices and undeserved blessings that brought me here. Of course, a good many of my family would have you believe the joining of a redneck goddess and a dark skinned foreigner is a good bit closer to curse than it is to blessing.

Well, times they are a changing but it does take a mighty powerful push to get the wheels moving and the engine of progress engaged in rural Georgia.

Think of my home town as a fine looking, hard working mule who has worked the same field all his life. This here mule knows every rock and each spot of sandy soil in his domain, can predict an afternoon shower when dawn is still a fine golden promise on the horizon. This son of a jackass is right where he belongs. He knows his place in the world. Now let us introduce into the life of this fine ass a great green Harvester tractor with all the disk harrows and plough blades invented in the last fifty years by men intent on forcing the earth to yield up a crop…

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